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Stella Maris School Aims

Our school aims to offer all pupils and staff every opportunity to reach their fullest potential whilst learning to live and work with others in harmony and sympathetic understanding.

In an environment which gives due regard for the safety and health of all who work in and visit the School, Stella Maris seeks to promote equally:

• Equality of opportunity
• Courtesy towards the opinions and beliefs of others
• Enjoyment of study and training, alone and in the cooperation of others
• The pursuit of excellence
• Openness to spiritual values
• Appreciation of aesthetic values
• Growth of a strong sense of personal responsibility
• Readiness to think independently
• Active solicitude for the needs of others
• Concern for man-made and natural environments
• A partnership with parents of children in the school
• To keep class sizes small and give each individual child the attention they deserve
• To give all our children the widest possible choice at the age of eleven
• To provide child focused learning that reflects both our high expectations and high academic standards
• To prepare our pupils for a wide variety of entrance examinations within a broad and balanced curriculum

Stella Maris School Code

We hope that this school code will ensure that Stella Maris continues to be the lovely school that it has always been.

• Be polite and friendly at all times
• Say please and thank you
• Be in the right place at the right time in the right frame of mind, with the right equipment.
• Be willing to help
• Carry out instructions promptly and willingly
• Address adults politely using their proper name
• Be punctual
• Respect yourself and others
• Be honest
• Always behave in a way which will make your family and friends proud to know you
• Take a pride in your work
• Have a high regard for your appearance and personal hygiene, it will help your confidence
• Have the courage to say NO when others are trying to force you to do things that you know are not right
• Always think about your safety and the safety of others
• Move about quietly and sensibly
• Keep all cloakrooms neat and tidy
• Bring nothing dangerous or valuable to school
• Obey special safety rules for practical lessons and when travelling to and from school
• If you arrive late report to the office before joining your class
• Look after the environment
• Help to keep the school and grounds looking good
• Keep the place free of litter and use the bins
• Look after the furniture and buildings
• Report any damage immediately
• Leave chewing gum at home

Stella Maris School Rules

In general, observing school rules is a matter of using common sense and in having consideration for other people and property. More specifically we always like to request that the following rules should be observed:

• At the beginning of the day any pupils arriving after 8:00 am should do the following
a. Wait in the hall with a member of staff. Good behaviour is expected.
b. At 8:40 the children play outside supervised by Duty Teacher
c. All pupils line up at 9:00 am and come into school for registration
d. Pupils arriving too late to line up must report to the office to be marked present

• If a pupil needs a leave of absence note, they should ask in advance, ideally two days in advance, in writing to the Head Teacher. Pupils returning to school after an absence should bring a written explanatory note from their parent/guardian.

• A pupil who feels unwell or is hurt should tell a member of staff then report to one of the first aid trained staff. Children should not attempt to contact their parents without staff permission.

• All pupils should wear regulation uniform and every effort made to look neat and tidy. School coats should be navy in colour. Hairstyles need to be sensible and suitable. Longer hairstyles should be neatly arranged in a ponytail etc. and all ‘hair ties’ should be ‘soft’ and only be in school colours i.e. navy blue and white. The wearing of jewellery is not allowed. The wearing of jewellery and earrings is forbidden in school on health and safety grounds. The only acceptable form of jewellery is a wristwatch but this must be named. The school’s advice is to discourage ear piercing but should you wish your child to have this done the only acceptable time is during the summer holidays. However please be advised that earrings are still not allowed in school.

• All uniform and property needs to be clearly named. Money and valuables should not be left unattended, as the school cannot accept responsibility for any loss on school premises.

• Anyone finding lost property should hand it to a member of staff or take it to the office. All reasonable efforts will be made to return lost property to the rightful owner. Unclaimed items, which are not named, will be disposed of at the end of term.

• It is in everyone’s interests to be sensible and good mannered when moving around the school and there is a particular need to be silent whilst lining up both inside the classroom and outside. When the whistle goes at the end of break time or before school all pupils should stand still in silence before walking to their class line. They should then line up silently and await further instruction.

• There is no need to run. These rules are especially important during a fire drill when they will allow pupils to leave the building safely according to the fire and emergency procedures for the school.

• During wet breaks pupils will need to behave sensibly in the hall and not wander or congregate in corridors or other areas.

• Lunches are only to be eaten in the classrooms. At other break times only healthy snacks may be eaten outside. Litterbins should be used for wrappers etc.

• Buying and selling between pupils is only permitted when it is with the approval and supervision of staff in connection with charity fund raising.

• Pupils travelling to and from school by whatever means should not behave in a way which will discredit the school. In particular this rule applies on school outings and public transport.

• Abide by any individual classroom rules.

• At the end of the school day pupils should do the following
a. The school day finishes at 3:05 pm
b. All pupils should be collected at this time unless they have been entered into After School Club.
c. Any pupil not collected at this time should return to the hall and inform a member of staff. Any children not collected by 3.15pm will be placed into After School Club and a fee charged.
d. Pupils should not contact their parents without permission
e. After School Club finishes at 5.30pm. All pupils must be collected by this time.

• The following items are not allowed on the school premises:
a. Pen knives or anything else which might be considered dangerous
b. Tippex or similar products
c. Chewing gum
d. Cameras, Computer games, iPods etc.
e. Mobile phones are not allowed on the school premises. In certain cases of course mobile phones may be required by a pupil but if this is the case parents must ask in writing first and any mobile phones must be kept in the school office during the day.

• The following misdemeanours will be dealt with severely
a. Bullying or threatening others in any way
b. Using offensive language
c. Wilfully damaging or interfering with property, belonging to others or the school.

This is a lovely school and we aim to maintain this. Mutual respect to each other and the building is expected at all times.