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Frequently Asked Questions...

Are there any school clubs / activities available?

We know many parents have very busy lifestyles so we offer a number of before and after-school activities. As well as before school club from 8am (free), and after-school club which runs until 5.30pm (pre-booked £5 per session before 5pm & £6 until 5.30pm; ad hoc sessions are £6.50 before 5pm & £7.50 until 5.30pm). We also encourage pupils to have active, healthy lifestyles so offer multi- sports such as gymnastics, hockey, and swimming, as well as music lessons (piano, guitar, recorder), speech training, art and drama.

What extra encouragement do you give pupils?

All children are given a place in one of two ‘House Teams’: Matthew (blue) and Mark (red). Children earn merit marks for good work and behaviour and they take part in a number of team competitions throughout the year. Each week in assembly class teachers award House merit badges for exceptional work during the week and the achieving pupils have their name published in the school’s weekly newsletter.

How Catholic a school are you?

We are a Catholic school but we welcome pupils of all faiths showing understanding and consideration to the beliefs of all pupils. Currently we have a number of pupils practicing different religions. Our Religious Studies are based on Christian beliefs so pupils are expected to take part in the annual Christmas and summer concerts. Catholic children can also be prepared for the Sacraments of Confirmation and Holy Communion.

Do you accept pupils with special needs?

We cater for the needs of many different children. Should your child have specific needs please feel free to contact us for further advice. Please note that although we have small class sizes, we are by no means specialised in the teaching of children with Special Educational Needs such as Dyslexia.

What about homework?

All children from Year 1 upwards are required to do some homework during the week. The time spent on doing this work will vary according to the individual but work set will only be of a reasonable quantity. We don’t expect children to struggle for hours on end trying to complete an assignment they do not understand. As well as doing formal work at home we also expect children to read every night. To this end each child is issued with a reading record book.

What are the school fees and how can they be paid?

Please see Tuition Fees. We also accept the government nursery grant scheme for all 3 and 4 year olds. Fees are due for payment before the first day of term or you can arrange to pay by standing order over 10 monthly equal payments. Fees are reviewed annually and any increase is notified at the end of the spring term.

How does the school involve its parents?

We’re fortunate at Stella Maris to have a very proactive PTA who put on regular fundraising events - especially as we’re a not-for-profit school. We also send a printed and emailed school newsletter “The Weekly Star” to parents each Friday encouraging regular feedback on the running of school and its activities. There are of course regular parent meetings and reports about each child’s progress with their teacher and we regularly send text updates to parents as well.

How many pupils do you currently have?

Our small class sizes mean that we never have any more than 70 children at any one time which includes our Pre-Prep, infant and junior years. It means we’re never overcrowded with good class sizes resulting in individual attention for every child.

Do you require a minimum number of Nursery hours be taken up?

We only offer full-time nursery places which requires children to attend school Monday to Friday 9am-3.05pm during term time.

Stella Maris School does not offer short-term child care. As per the school’s Terms & Conditions, any child joining in the Pre-Prep is expected to progress through the school to Year 6.

Are you a registered charitable trust?

We are a registered charitable trust. Our number is 505848.

Have you had any complaints?

We have had no formal complaints during the previous school year. Any minor complaints received have been addressed and have resulted in a satisfactory conclusion.