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Religious Studies

At Stella Maris School we welcome children of all faiths and show understanding and consideration to the beliefs of all pupils. We also believe that everyone, regardless of faith, should be valued and respected.

Our Religious Studies are based on Christian beliefs and aim to bring out the best in each child. Catholic children are also prepared for the Sacraments of Confirmation and Holy Communion. The Church’s Calendar is also followed.

All children are expected to attend the weekly assembly and to participate in our Christmas and Summer Concerts.

Supporting Charitable Organisations

Throughout each academic year we encourage our pupils to take part in our charitable work during which considerable sums are raised for a number of local and national charities including:

- Alex Hulme Foundation
- BBC Children In Need
- The Wellspring - Stockport
- British Red Cross
- Caritas' St Joseph's Penny Appeal
- Comic Relief
- Francis House Children's Hospice
- Jeans For Genes
- Macmillan

Children wearing their jeans

Sacramental Programme

In keeping with the guidelines of Salford Diocese the Catholic children within our school are given the opportunity to follow the Sacramental Programme.

We work very closely with St. Winifred’s parish, Heaton Mersey and follow their programme of meetings, celebrations etc.

The children normally receive their Sacraments at St. Winifred’s Church unless the child is already a member of another parish within the Salford diocese, then that parish would be first choice for the child’s Sacramental Celebrations.

The Sacramental Programme takes place in Year 3 but is still available to any child in Years 4, 5, or 6 if they missed out for any reason on receiving one or more of the Sacraments of First Forgiveness, Confirmation or Holy Communion.

The Programme is a three way process of family, parish and school all working together to prepare and support the children on their journey to full invitation into the Catholic faith. This makes Stella Maris an excellent choice of school for Catholic children.