The amount of time spent on doing this work will vary according to the individual child but the work set by the class teacher will only be of a reasonable quantity – approximately in the infant years 15 minutes per evening and in the junior years approximately one hour. Due to our individual and personalised learning programmes for each child homework will be set in accordance with this. Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s class teacher if there are any homework issues.


At the start of each year your child will be given information concerning their class homework expectations. As well as doing formal work at home we also expect children to read every night. To this end each child is issued with a reading record book which parents may comment in to encourage further communication between class teacher and parent. Parents are asked to sign the record book each evening and send the book in with their child the next day.


Homework will not be issued to compensate for pupils who take holidays during term time, as this is actively discouraged by the school, but other suitable studies may be suggested so that our students remain productive during their absence.