School Values

Core values are an important part of school which we ensure are embedded into our everyday life at Stella Maris.  Our values are:

Self Belief





Self Belief – It is imperative to us that each child is an individual and we support them in developing their own interests, passions and skills within the supportive environment we provide.  Identifying any extra support we can offer to develop them further in areas they excel, nurturing and underpinning areas where extra support is required so by the time they leave Stella Maris for the next part of the journey our children are confident and self assured with a real sense of their own identity.
Growth – Growth of the mind and the individual is core to Stella Maris – growth comes in many forms and it is important for us to understand each unique child and help them grow at their own pace in their own individual way – we are lucky at Stella Maris that we have the time to spend with each child that joins us due to our small class sizes which allows us to develop their own journey and grow at their own pace.
Belonging – At Stella Maris School we are able to focus on each child’s identity and growth which allows them to feel a sense of belonging.  Every parent wants to know their child feels comfortable and happy at school which is core to Stella Maris.  Due to the size of the school all children know each other and there is a real sense of looking out for each other from nursery through to Year 6 – all children look out for each other which creates a family feeling bringing a sense of belonging to each and every child.
Perseverance – At Stella Maris we want to prepare our children for the next step in their journey, an imperative part of this is to ensure they are robust and resilient which is underpinned by their ability to persevere.  Perseverance is a key skill we underpin in everything we do, if at first you don’t succeed you keep going until you do but we are right there to support you in that journey.  One of our unique outputs is our ability to get all our children into their secondary school of choice, this is achieved in many ways but one of the main values underpinning this success is perseverance.  Getting things wrong is part of life, understanding why it is wrong and working hard to put it right is a key skill in life and one we really value in every child at Stella Maris to set them up for future success.
Unity – We believe the key to many elements of life is to be part of a team and create a sense of unity.  At Stella Maris School we work hard to create an understanding of the importance of working together to create an outcome – this comes in many ways in school life –  the classroom, sports classes and our extra curricular activities right through to the buddying system where Y6 look after the nursery children to ensure they settle in quickly.  We create a sense of all being in it together, a family feel looking after each other which we feel is an important part of a happy fulfilled life