Apply to Junior School

At Stella Maris School we’ve created a warm, welcoming, secure and caring environment where small class sizes, dedicated teachers, child-centred learning and the very best in modern teaching methods help form well-balanced individuals with a zest for life and a real willingness to learn.

Starting school is a big step for any child and our infant department, (KS 1. ) places particular importance on ensuring that new pupils quickly settle into our wonderful school community.

All children are given a strong sense of their own and others’ worth. The individual needs of each child are catered for and traditional family and community values are nurtured in every aspect of daily school life.

Our infant classes are happy, exciting places for learning, where high academic standards are maintained, individual talents are developed, and valuable life skills are acquired. Good behaviour is rewarded.

Within KS 1. we set high expectations in the classroom, enable children to reach their full potential academically, socially and emotionally – and encourage our infant children to work systematically, independently and cooperatively, as well as having the confidence to take the lead in their own learning, thus preparing for their entry into our KS 2. department.

Within the junior classes (KS 2.) we continue to foster the children’s love for learning, which formed the foundation of their infant years. Consequently the attitudes and approaches already gained are expanded upon and reinforced in KS2. The children grow in their understanding and knowledge and become confident and independent learners who go forward to achieve highly.

The junior Curriculum is varied and meets the individual needs of every child. The Curriculum is developed to offer a balanced and wide range of subjects and activities.

Running alongside their academic studies the junior pupils also have opportunities to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular pursuits. For example many pupils participate in the various sports team, in-house Clubs, drama and dance, Art Club and instrumental lessons.

Alongside our KS2 work we also prepare the junior pupils for the main independent senior schools in our area and aim to make their transition to senior school as smooth as possible. Our school has a long, proven track record of helping to create successful young professionals. Year on year we achieve 100% success in securing first choice grammar schools for our children with many of the children receiving multiple offers from the local grammar schools. Parental choice is paramount when making decisions about senior school and our experienced Headteacher will advise parents about the grammar schools which will suit their child best. Parents make the decision about the number of grammar school exams their child will take.

We believe that the junior section of Stella Maris School offers opportunities for your child including:

  • Small class sizes
  • Highly skilled and experienced teachers
  • Exceptional levels of pastoral care
  • High expectations and academic standards
  • Outstanding success in entrance to grammar schools
  • Maximum choice of education at the age of eleven